Bestolife Honey Kote Bucket

Honey Kote by Bestolife is a copper-based running and storage compound for use on rotary-shouldered connections.

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Honey Kote by Bestolife is the superior choice when maximum protection against seizing, galling, and load-bearing stress is critical. Specially formulated to resist washout and corrosion while providing ultimate efficiency in higher temperature environments. Also provides long-term storage protection for threaded surfaces in a variety of conditions! NSF H2 registered.**


High temperature compound for drill collars and drill pipe formulated grease with inherent extreme pressure and water resistant properties. Salt spray test 2,500 hrs (ASTM B117).

Bestolife Honey Kote is a non-lead, non-zinc compound for drill collars and drill pipe. Recommended for all drilling applications (rotary-shouldered connections), including high temperature environments. HONEY KOTE® is also effective for use as long-term storage protection for threaded surfaces.


• Grease base with excellent water resistance and inherent extreme pressure protection
• Superb protection against seizing and galling at more than 54k ft/lbs on NC50 tool joints
• Average break out torque ratio: 89% of makeup
• Successfully pressure tested up to 25,000 psi
• Contains inhibitors to protect against rust and corrosion
• BESTOLIFE® HONEY KOTE® meets or exceeds the listed performance objectives in API RP 5A3.


Product Characteristics
Color Copper
Penetration 320-340 (ASTM D 217)
NLGI Grade 1
Weight/Gallon 11 pounds/gallon
Thickener Complex
Fluid Type Petroleum
Dropping Point ≥500°F (≥260°C)
Flash Point ≥392°F (≥200°C)
Brushable To 0°F (-18°C)
Friction Factor 1.2 (per API RP 7A1)
Contains Copper, graphite and other non-metallic additives


honey kote bearing test

Bearing stress is the contact pressure between the pin and box at the make-up shoulder. As the tool joint is tightened, the bearing stress at the make-shoulder increases. The maximum bearing stress is the function of the maximum torque and the total area of make-up shoulder.

BESTOLIFE® HONEY KOTE® protected the NC50 tool joint from galling caused by
high bearing stresses. The 54,500 ft-lbs. created calculated bearing stress on the make-up shoulder to 143,500 psi.


honey kote pressure test

The pressure test objective is to show the ability of BESTOLIFE® HONEY KOTE® to seal very high pressure at the makeup shoulder. The test was conducted by increasing pressure incrementally up to 25,000 psi, about 10,000 psi higher than pressure used in fracking operations.


API and IADC tables for drill collars and drill pipe are minimum torque values. BESTOLIFE® recommends applying the friction factor to the optimum makeup torque to ensure maximum performance and protection when using BESTOLIFE® copper compounds.

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