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Drilling Equipment Resources supplies several different components and services to contractors and projects in the oil and gas related market segment.  Most of our focus is on the upstream activities of drilling and exploring for oil and gas deposits.  We also supply equipment and supplies for waterwell drillers supporting the recovery and production of oil and gas wells. There has been incredible growth in technology to recover hydrocarbon deposits more effectively and efficiently.  Multiple well pads and directional drilling efforts have continued to increase initial production rates and reduce the overall footprint of well pads.  These wells and the drilling efforts require tremendous amounts of water and the proper disposal of the fluids after the work is completed.

Most oil wells will produce quite a bit of water and this water is then hauled off and reinjected down deep into the earth.  SWDs as they are commonly known are Salt Water Injection Wells or Disposal Wells.  Drilling Equipment Resources has many product offerings including coated steel casing and tubing for these reinjection wells.  In harder rock conditions, we supply down the hole hammers, bits, and PDC bits for drilling these wells.

Compressed air and higher compression boosters supply the power to run these specialized down the hole hammers to drill in the most difficult conditions.  Foam Stimulation units are also used for both drilling operations and stimulation operations for oil recovery.  We have both the specialty supplies and equipment to actively support contractors in oil and gas related drilling and recovery.

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