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Cathodic Protection: Preventing the Degradation of Pipelines Everywhere

Cathodic Protection is one of the most effective methods for preventing corrosion on metal. Cathodic Protection is used to protect pipelines, water treatment plants, offshore production platforms, reinforcement bars in concrete, and more. It works by placing an anode or anodes in an electrolyte to create a circuit. Corrosion moves to the anode to stop further corrosion of the structure. 

       A cathodic protection well is created by drilling a large hole down into the earth, usually alongside a pipeline such as a gas or oil pipeline. Then it is filled with protective fluid to prevent leaks and fires. Cathodic Protection wells are important in mitigating the risk of leaking pollutants such as oil and gas. Drilling Equipment Resources has been partnering with drillers to get the right tools for the job. We make sure you are set up for success and we are always ready and on standby when tools are needed. 

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