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Water Well Drilling: Providing Earth’s Most Valuable Resource

While all types of drilling provide important resources, the water well industry is the most important sector of the drilling business. For an industry so essential to continuing life as we know it, water well drillers face a lot of obstacles. Some of the problems are equipment related, some have to do with policy, and some are due to a changing world and market. The Drilling Equipment Resources team has had the privilege of seeing water well drillers overcome problems big and small. Our goal is to help drillers dig safely, efficiently, and within their budget. 

Water well drillers make up most of our customer base. Every time we show up to a site, we see the dedication it takes to do this job. It’s labor-intensive, unpredictable, and we know the prices on drilling equipment– it’s what we do for a living. 

We see drillers do the work, invest the time, develop the skills, and memorize regulations. When they show up to a site, they know what they’re looking at. It’s a good thing they do, because 13 million households rely on private wells for their water, and that number is growing. 

Water well drillers are incredibly hard working. Throughout the years, they have managed to adapt and thrive even while facing  policies that made drilling much more difficult and expensive. It takes a lot of work to make it in this business, but we’ve never met a successful water well driller who didn’t inspire us to work that much harder. 

Like farmers, water well drillers are often single, small business operations. They reinvest their earnings in the business: paying employees, buying supplies, maintaining equipment, and paying taxes and fees. 

Policy isn’t the only obstacle. The internet has provided DIYers with information and empowerment to, in some cases, cut drillers out completely. In addition, this is the age of the “Free Consultation.” Drillers show up to sites, invest their time educating potential clients, and never hear from those clients again.

There is simply no substitute for the education and years of experience that a water well driller brings to the site. Period. YouTube survivalists can create shallow, hand-made wells on the weekend as a hobby, but professionals create wells that last lifetimes; wells that are safe, consistent, and will never collapse or break. 

Reliable access to uncontaminated water isn’t just important to people who want to retire to the country– it is essential for every living creature. Water is the most valuable resource on earth. Without it, there would be no life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do things yourself– that’s what American individualism is all about. However, water deserves our respect. 

This November, we’re taking some time to appreciate the water well drillers of the world. All water well drillers who order something from us within the month of November will get a Free Drilling Equipment Resources T-Shirt. The next time you face a problem on the job, we hope you’ll think of us. 



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