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Plug and Abandonment

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Plug and Abandonment: Protecting the Land for Future Generations

P&A Work, also known as plug and abandonment is a constant and growing market segment for Drilling Equipment Resources. Each State has guidelines and a governing commission to oversee wells that have been drilled in the past and require plugging for various reasons. Some wells for instance have been depleted and have quit producing and others are identified as problem wells and may have some issues with the integrity of the casing installed into the

This process requires a drilling rig specifically set up for this type of work or a well service “work over” rig. Drilling Equipment Resources has several necessary components in stock to support this market including a top swivel and high pressure plunger and piston style injection pumps. The mixture of high solids grout and Portland cement is pumped at high pressures through the rotary or “Kelly” hose and through the swivel down the drill string to certain depths where a special designed plug is set. These components are high wear type items and also require component replacement and repair.

Please contact Drilling Equipment Resources today to check our current stock of cement pumps, rotary swivels and grouting materials for your next P&A job.

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