Featured Vendor November 2019: Mincon

MINCON: The Drillers Choice

Over the last forty years, the Mincon brand has become synonymous with high quality drilling equipment. Their large, versatile product line provides options for every sector of the drilling industry and they maintain a network of facilities and prototype factories in 15 countries across the globe. How have they accomplished this? Why do you see Mincon products everywhere you look? 

To find the answer, all you need to do is talk with one of their employees. According to Mincon Representative, Arturo Martinez. “Your job becomes much easier when making the customer happy is embedded in the company culture and you have a high performing product.” 

One of Arturo’s jobs is to preserve the legacy set by Mincon’s co-founders, Patrick “Paddy” Purcell and Mary Hogan, to “Provide a Service that reflects the Quality of what you manufacture.” 

To do this, Arturo travels the midwest to talk with us and other distributors. He enjoys his job “because of the world class product we manufacture and customer-focus.” 

A part of that customer-focus is Mincon’s versatile product line. Mincon takes a proactive approach to hammer and bit design, collecting feedback from drillers and incorporating the most important improvements into their designs. 

“Mincon is on a path of growth, this is all due to our great customers and dealers. We have taken a look at our DTH hammers and updated some of our lines,” said Arturo.  “We have released the new MP line, which will now have a larger bore but also a higher frequency piston stroke. Moreover, our casing advancement system, the spiral flush is quickly becoming a favorite in the market.”

Mincon’s path of growth is what has given them the technical edge. Many of their products are best sellers, and standards within the industry. 

“Our top selling product would be our proprietary DTH hammer (MC Hammer). It is a High frequency hammer (no footvalve) with a shorter piston stroke, which does very well in production drilling. One of my favorite features is that it does an excellent job at holding pressure and keeping water out. It’s my go to hammer to get the job done.”

Mincon’s mission is to become the Drillers Choice for the long-term. Mincon is, first and foremost, an engineering company. Their expansion into the global market is a testament to their tenacity, vision, and mission. In the words of their founders, Mincon “Strives to be the Best.”

About Mincon

• Founded by Patrick “Paddy'” Purcell and Mary Hogan

• Paddy Purcell still guides the business as a non-executive director

• Visit Mincon’s Website

Mincon’s Values

• Manufacturing using the highest quality Materials

• Stand behind every Product You Manufacture

• Provide a Service that reflects the Quality of what you Manufacture

• Strive to be the Best

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