Centerline Mud Pump

Tribute to Innovations

Centerline Manufacturing has been involved in the design, manufacture and production of drilling equipment and tooling for the water well industry. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Cory Miller of Centerline Manufacturing over the past 15 years. As the Senior Design Engineer for Ingersoll-Rand’s Deephole Drilling Business Unit, I had the distinct pleasure to work with Cory and integrate his Centerline Mud Pump into our drilling rig platforms. I am recommending Cory for this award and recognition because after decades in this business, I have not seen such an innovative design become a reality and commercialized such as the Centerline Mud Pump.

True Innovation

The true innovation is providing well drillers a size and weight solution for their mud pump requirements. Centerline Mud Pumps integrate into both existing and new drilling rigs. Regardless of drill rig manufacture and hydraulic system design, Centerline provides mud pump integration on hundreds of customer’s drilling rigs. Both Mono Cylinder and Duplex Cylinder Pumps can fit nicely on the deck, across the frame or even under deck mounting configurations. This would not be possible with conventional mud pump designs.

Design Features

The design features of the Centerline Mud Pump include a matched displacement ratio between the mud pump cylinder and the hydraulic drive cylinder. This is critical to the constant and smooth transition of movement back and forth.  It provides a steady discharge flow of mud.

Quality of Very Component

What I dignifies Cory Miller and points to his character? It is how Centerline stuck with their original design through all of the typical trials and tribulations that come with a new product integration. The first several years were challenging. Cory found out that even the best quality hydraulic cylinders and valves and seals were not good enough quality. He then set off on an endeavor to bring everything in house. He began manufacturing all of his own components including hydraulic valves. This gave him complete control over the quality of very component that goes into the Centerline Mud Pump and the finished product.

Generation 1

By the late 90’s, Ingersoll-Rand had tried several times to develop a hydraulic driven mud pump. The goal was to create a mud pump that would last an acceptable life and duty cycle for well drilling contractors. With all of our resources and design wisdom, we were unable to solve this problem. Not only did Cory Miller provide a solution, thus saving the size and weight of a typical gear driven mud pump, he also provided a new offering of a mono cylinder mud pump. This double acting piston pump provided as much mud flow and pressure as a standard 5 X 6 duplex pump. It also came with an incredible size and weight savings.

Generation 2

The second generation design for the Centerline Mud Pump is coming out later in 2018. It will be a true game changer for this industry. It also will open up the application into many other industries that require a heavier duty cycle for a piston pump application.

A True Inventor at Heart

I have had the unique opportunity to work alongside Cory Miller for many years now. I hope to work alongside him for many more. His innovation and tenacity is infectious. Cory is a true inventor at heart. We are blessed that his passion is focused in the ground water industry. Cory has had a long history of mission work. He recently spent several weeks in Mexico. There, he provided new water wells for small villages and towns that were desperately in need. It is hard to sum up a person as Cory Miller in a few words. However, the best way I know how is to say that he is “Gracious Gentleman known for Innovation and Excellence.”


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