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​Feb 8-9, 2018

Drilling Equipment Resources Booth

What Will DER be doing at this event?

We are very excited to not only attend, but display this year at the ​ARWWC 2018 Annual Convention.  Representatives from Drilling Equipment Resources are looking forward to meeting with all of you and discussing what is new in the industry and in your businesses today.  We feel this is an unprecedented time in the Waterwell Industry.   Water has always been our most precious resource and we feel it is finally getting the attention that it deserves. Water conservation, water supply, water treatment, and water transfer is at the forefront of all drilling activities happening today.  We want to connect with individuals at ARWWC 2018 and understand your needs and how we can work with you going forward.  We can we help you grow and run your business.

Why Is DER at this event? 

I started this company 10 years ago to be a true resource to the industry.  DER is a family owned and operated business with the goal of being “Your Resource, for All Things Drilling.”  We never stop learning or experiencing new drilling opportunities and requirements. This is what I enjoy most in my work.  The next phone call or customer always brings a new challenge to us.  ​Trust us with your business.  We love to help find exactly what you need to run your company.

Derek Anderson and Katy Anderson are both here to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. What we love about this business is that it is truly a family. I have spent over 22 years now in the water well drilling business, and I am very thankful for all the true professionals that I have met and gotten a chance to work with. The ​ARWWC convention has always been one of the highlights of my usually “dreary winter months.” Ever since being with Ingersoll-Randback in the early 1990’s I have truly enjoyed this event.

Our drilling supply company has grown over the past several years and we are now Master Distributors for many drilling supplies, equipment and drilling consumables.  We are here to show you how our family owned company might be able to help yours.

Why should customers visit our booth? 

We are very excited to bring a Centerline Duplex mud pump with us to ARWWC 2018 this year.  I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with the inventor, Cory Miller back when I worked for Ingersoll-Rand.  We were the first manufacturer to integrate Hydraulic driven mud pumps into our rig platforms. ​For more than 12 years, the Centerline duplex mud pump has become the standard in the industry for innovation and lightweight mud supply. This year, Centerline will be introducing a second generation mud pump design that promises to be a true game changer for rig mounted mud pumps across the industry.

We also will be displaying our line of Matex drilling lubricants and fluids.  All of these are completely environmentally safe products made from vegetable oils and other natural compounds. They have been supplying Rock Drill Oil, Foam (Soap), Polymer and Thread Compound (Grease) since the late ’80s.  These drilling fluids and lubricants have a far superior chemical bonding characteristic that “attaches” itself to metal components and the wall of the borehole.  This results in superior performance ​over competitive products.  Many manufactures supply this Rock Drill Oil with their own private name, however it all comes from the same source.

Other products we will be displaying include the most recent designed Down The Hole Hammer(s) and Drill Bits used for waterwell drilling.  We carry and represent ​top-of-the-line US manufactured DTH hammers and bits.  DER stocks sizes from 3″ ​​diameter to 18″ diameter.  For our local Oklahoma and North Texas customers, we also provide hammer breakdown and repair services.  We can pick up your used tools and take them back to our facility for diagnosis and repair.  Most hammer problems are simple to fix.  Let our qualified and experienced staff work on your hammers for you ​so you can keep drilling.

A large part of what we provide in addition to drilling supplies are equipment sales services.  We help ​sell your used equipment or find what you are looking for.  We truly work in a very tight knit and close community of professionals.  Over the past several years, DER has built a vast network of drilling contractors mainly located here in the United States. As one area gets busier and one get slower from time to time it is very natural for companies to want to maximize the selling value of their idle equipment. We hope to work with you on all of your sales transactions big or  small.  We sell small components from handling tools, to mud pumps, air compressors and also drilling rigs.

All Things Water Transfer

DER has now become a supplier and a resource for All Things Water Transfer.  We supply HDPE Poly Pipe from 2″ to 12″ in SDR7 and SDR11 for water transfer or supply.  We also supply Lay Flat Hose with hose reels and deployment systems.  Our 12″ Lay Flat hose material is the best in the industry currently and is the ONLY hose of its type this is completely made in the USA.  We also offer used and factory rectified and re-qualified hose assemblies that meet new specifications.

We can offer FBE and AR coated steel pipe for permanent installations.  We source both ERW (electric resistance welded) and Seamless pipe for large projects.  This steel pipe can come in a variety of sizes, pressure ratings and material grades.  Predominately, we supply SCH (schedule) 40 or SCH 80 in grades of Grade B,  X-42, X-52 and X-60.  The sizes that we offer are 2″ to 16″ in diameter, and the sources for the line pipe are US steel mills, South Korea and Japan.  We will offer Indian and Chinese steel upon request.​

We can’t wait to see you at ARWWC 2018!

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