2018 OTC

2018 OTC Offshore Technology Conference

April 30-May 3, 2018

Drilling Equipment Resources


Centerline Manufacturing

Booth 5517


Drilling Equipment Resources will be attending the 49th annual 2018 OTC Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas from April 30 through May 3, 2018. We are excited for the opportunity to share Booth 5517 located in the Arena with Centerline Manufacturing. This annual exhibition and conference gathers people from all over the world to share, educate, integrate and network across all disciplines in the Oil and Gas exploration and production markets. We are blessed to be a part of this industry and look forward to meeting with each of our visitors.

Our Exhibit

We will have on display a Duplex Mud Pump from Centerline Manufacturing at the 2018 OTC. This Standard Pressure Aluminum model pumps 300 gallons per minute at 350 psi mud pressures.

Directly after the exhibit this pump is bound for Mubai, India for our customer Epiroc.

The lightweight and compact design of this mud pump makes it ideal to mount on mobile equipment. This model saves over 2 ft in length and 2,000 lbs in comparison to other model duplex pumps!

The technology behind the weight and size savings is the hydraulic cylinder power end. This clean and efficient design is perfect for offshore applications or mobile applications where weight and size constraints come into play.

Where We Will Be Located?

Our exhibit at 2018 OTC is Booth 5517 in the Left Arena Wing.

Our block will include:

AeroGo, Inc.


Servitec Group

Tero Consulting

Brava Stainless Steel

PEEK Products Co., Ltd.

OTC 2018

Why Attend 2018 OTC?

Drilling Equipment Resources is thrilled to have the opportunity to attend such a far reaching, important event as the 2018 OTC. We are excited to exchange ideas with peers, contemporaries, and leading experts of their fields.

The OTC Offshore Technology Conference is where the world’s energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

OTC is the largest global event for the oil and gas sector, it boasts more than 500,000 sq. ft of exhibit space, 70,000+ industry professionals, 2,000+ leading exhibitors, 300+ journalists, and over 100 speakers from around the world.

We are your Source for All Things Drilling!

Derek Anderson, President of Drilling Equipment Resources, has 24 years in the drilling businesses and is the driving force behind DER. Our goal is to locate the specific piece of equipment or drilling tool for your job. There are so many different options for customers out there and we pride ourselves for the application knowledge that we have to suggest the right bit and bottom hole assembly for your next job.

Thank you for your interest in Drilling Equipment Resources. 

We hope to see you at 2018 OTC! 

-The DER Team 

Our line of Matex drilling lubricants and fluids are completely environmentally safe products made from vegetable oils and other natural compounds. These drilling fluids and lubricants have a far superior chemical bonding characteristic that “attaches” itself to metal components and the wall of the borehole. This results in superior performance ​over competitive products.

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