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Borzan by Wyo-Ben is a highly dispersible biopolymer designed for use in vertical or horizontal drilling applications and may be used as a stand-alone drilling fluid or as an additive to enhance properties of conventional bentonite based drilling fluids.

Borzan by Wyo-Ben is a highly concentrated xanthan gum formulation allows for less material to be used than most other bio-polymers. *Biopolymer HDD Drilling Fluid

As a stand-alone drilling fluid BORZAN® is a highly concentrated xanthan gum allowing for lower addition rates than most bio-polymers. BORZAN® fluids are particularly effective in vapor extraction and other environmental wells where it can be flushed out of the bore with minimum residual wall-cake once the drilling operation is completed.

BORZAN® may also be added to conventional bentonite based drilling fluids to enhance gel strengths, control filtrate and inhibit clays. BORZAN® is highly effective in horizontal applications where higher gel strengths and low down hole pressures are desirable.


With its ability to “shear thin”; mud made with BORZAN® tends to shear thin at higher velocities and thicken at lower velocities. This allows for maximum pump performance to move solids away from the bit area and superior suspension of solids in the hole. BORZAN® fluids offer tremendous advantages over bentonite-based fluids as they:

  • Optimize bit hydraulics increasing penetration rates
  • Reduce circulating pressure losses
  • Minimize drill solids settling during static conditions
  • Lower overall drilling costs due to concentrated formulation
  • Excellent hole cleaning capabilities


Lbs per 100 Gallons Marsh Funnel Viscosity PV/YP Ratio Gel Strengths 10 Sec/10 Min 6/3 RPM’s
2.40 39 sec/qt 4/10 6/8 5/4
4.75 53 sec/qt 6/28 16/22 18/17
7.00 94 sec/qt 9/42 23/31 26/23

Clean-up and removal of this fluid can easily be done by circulating clean water to displace the BORZAN® fluid at the completion of the job. Any remaining BORZAN® will biodegrade leaving no residual wall cake. BORZAN® is more stable than other natural polymers such as guar gum.

About Wyo-Ben

Wyo-Ben, is a privately held, family-owned business.  They have been in business since 1951, and are a leading producer of Wyoming Bentonite Clay based products. Their materials are used globally in applications such as oil, gas, water well drilling, environmental construction and remediation, hazardous waste treatment, cat litter, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as many other industrial and consumer related products. Headquartered in Billings, Montana, Wyo-Ben mines from its reserves in the Big Horn Basin region of Wyoming and processes a multitude of products from its three plant facilities which serve a global marketplace.


  • Making responsible and ethical choices,
  • Providing their customers with the best quality and service,
  • Protecting our environment,
  • Fostering individual creativity and innovation,
  • Promoting a culture of safety and well-being,
  • Treating one another with respect,
  • and contributing to the quality of life wherever they operate.


To be the best by providing the highest value to their customers through innovative solutions.

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 in


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