PumpTrax Well Pump Puller

PumpTrax is quickly becoming a staple in the water well industry. Hoist trucks are vital to the work load of the water well industry. However some job settings don’t allow or time wise don’t make sense to use. PumpTrax is a jobsite problem solver.

This portable, easy-to-use unit comes equipped with a Honda GX160 Gas Engine and lists and grips more weight than any other portable pump puller on the market.


Spider Stand (included):

– Elevates the top unit of the machine 3 feet above well casing (higher poles can be added upon

– Stand is used for both well seals and pitless adapters

– Legs snap into top unit frame and can articulate and move up/down

– Includes: 4 poles, 4 legs with adjustable handles, 4 ground feet and 4 ground stakes to secure

Cylinder Pull Tool (included):

– Assists in extending the cylinders to relieve pressure and prior to pushing tire trolleys




Wireless Remote:

– Variable speed with up, down & neutral controls

– Works up to 900 feet away. Responds immediately with no lag time

– Can be switched and controlled by manual foot pedal in seconds (manual pedal included)

– Includes: transmitter with belt clip, receiver, 4 rechargeable batteries, charger and carrying

Winch System:

– Used for Well Seals or “Snappy” pitless

– Can also be used to dislodge stuck pitless

– Winch strap runs off the hydraulic motors and is rated at 6,000 lbs.

– Includes: collapsible winch frame, pulley wheel and nylon lifting strap with hook

Overhead Pipe Guide Pulley System with Poles and Hoop:

– Assists in raising and lowering stick pipe when threading/unthreading each section (for PVC or

– The guide poles slide into a coupling secured on the top unit of the machine

– The ground stakes and flat foot secure guide pole to the ground

– The pulley, rope and claw allow each pipe section to be lowered down without crashing to the

– Includes: 4 sections of collapsible pipe, stake, foot, pulley with rope, hoop & adjustable pipe
claw (1, 1 ¼, 1 ½, 2 in)

Overhead Pipe Guide Poles Only with Hoop:

– Guides stick pipe sections and allows the pipe to be kept stable while threading/unthreading

– The guide poles slide into a coupling secured on the top unit of the machine

– The ground stakes and flat foot secure guide poles to the ground

– Includes: 4 sections of pipe and 1 hoop

Cam Clamp Pipe Lock:

– Acts as an extra support for PVC and Steel pipe so it does not drop. Machine wheels do hold,
clamp and secure the pipe, but the cam clamp is a safety net for human error, very heavy loads or
pipe coated with generic cialis online. The clamp takes the load off the tires so they can be a drive
mechanism. The cam clamp is used only for steel or viagra generic.

Extension Hoses:

– Includes: 20 feet of extra hydraulic hose (more feet can be added upon request). Machine comes
with 8 feet.

Electric Motor Add On:

– Gas engine and electric motor can be easily swapped by the 4 bolts on the bottom frame of the

– The PumpTrax is sold as a gas unit. The electric motor is an add-on option.

– 99% of customers prefer the gas engine since it lifts double the weight (1400 lbs with gas
compared to 700 lbs with electric).

– The gas engine is completely portable and lighter weight.

Wire Winder: Hydraulic spool wheel attaches to top and reels up wires when pulling out stick pipe.
Pulls 1500 lbs.