NOV 12-P-160 Mud Pumps


The NOV 12-P-160 Mud Pumps includes (3) Three New National 12-P-160 Triplex Mud Pumps 1600 HP, 7-1/4″ bore x 12″ stroke, single acting. 5000 PSI fluid ends. 1600 HP Bare Mud Pumps are currently configured for Offshore Service. The NOV 12-P-160 Mud Pumps are located in Houston and ready to be unitized for service.

Each Mud Pump complete with:

(A) System External lube, National #x123006, Includes pump and motor assembly

(B) System internal lube, National #x123003, Includes piping and fittings

(C) Pump drive-top mounted V-belt, National #1261913, dual top mounted, V-belt pump Drive for 12P160 triplex mud pump

Mud Pumps Equipped with:

Forged Steel crankshaft, Individual forged steel two piece interchangeable standard modules, 6-1/2” mission fluid king liners, Standard polyurethane valves and seats, Two piece fast change piston rods, Supreme pistons, Metal to metal liner retention, Clamp type liner and piston rod connections, Fast change valve covers standard, Piston liner lubricant spray system, Liner spray pump, Power end lube system with filter. Mounted on Integral two runner skid, Suction Manifold with vertical suction stabilizer, Suction line pressure relief valve, set for 70 PSI

Hydraulic valve seat puller kit and 1 set of special hand tools for fluid end maintenance

Includes: motor supports, motor frame, tensioning screws, 2 V-belt guards, 2 pump Sheaves, 2 motor sheaves, banded V-belts, Holes to be drilled to accept EDM D79 Or GE-752 Traction Motors

(1) Crane-jib with trolley, National, 1292125, Crane and trolley are, for handling fluid end expandable parts only, capacity 300 LBS

(1) Hand-Hoist, National, #7807133, half ton, for use with the jib crane on a National Oilwell 12P160 mud pump

(1) Manuals, National, maintenance and Operations manuals

Additional Mud Pump Spares to be included:

Flange-reducing weld neck, National, #5912404, 5-1/8 x 2” XXH 5000#, MOD, 6B, RTJ, R-44, to match 2” XXH pipe 1.500”ID, API 45K material, PSL-1, TC-U, M/C-DD

Flange-reducing weld neck, National, #5912402, 5-1/8 x 3”, XXH, 5000#, MOD, 6B, RTJ, R-44, to match 3” XXH pipe, 2.300”ID, API 45K material, PSL-1, TC-U, M/C-DD.

Flange-blind, National, #5912392, for Strainer cleanout, 5-1/8”, 5000PSI, API 6BX blind flange, BX-169, API 60K Material, 4130 steel, PSL-1, T/C-U, M/C-DD

Flange-weld neck, National, #5912391, for Discharge line, 5-1/8”, 5000PSI, model 6B, RTJ, R-44, 4.063”ID, API 45K mate-rial, PSL-1, TC-U, M/C-D

Gasket-ring joint, National, #6908040, R44-S, For National Oilwell mud pump Strainer-discharge, cross and spool, National, #1292225, 5000PSI


5″ 5000 LB Discharge flange connections

4″ 5000 LB Top connection for pulsation dampener

5″ 5000 LB End connection for strainer clean-out

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National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is an American multinational corporation based in Houston, Texas. It is a leading worldwide provider of equipment and components used in oil and gas drilling and production operations, oilfield services, and supply chain integration services to the upstream oil and gas industry. The company conducts operations in more than 600 locations across six continents, operating through three reporting segments: Rig Technologies, Wellbore Technologies, and Completion & Production Solutions. National Oilwell’s two main predecessors, Oilwell Supply and National Supply, were founded in 1862 and 1893, respectively. These two companies manufactured and distributed pumps and derricks.

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