Cetco Quad Power Terge 8 oz

Case:  4 x 64 oz Bags

Cetco Quad Power Sand is a highly concentrated, liquid polymer that can either serves as a stand-alone fluid or can be added to other QUAD POWER™ polymer drilling products. Use it with POWER-BASE™ to increase solids suspension.

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Cetco Quad Power Terge is a highly concentrated, liquid, surfactant/detergent that can either be used with bentonite fluids or can be added to other QUAD POWER™ polymer drilling products. Used with bentonite, Cetco Quad Power Terge will help prevent rod-sticking and seizing. When added to POWER-BASE™, it can function to create an extremely high-performance slurry for clay drilling. The product is highly concentrated, so very little is used compared to most other detergents.


QUAD POWER polymer drilling products are designed for use in smaller diameter/short-length horizontal bores when use of bentonite is not desired. POWER-TERGE is packaged in eight-ounce bags, which is often more than enough for most 500-gallon tanks. One of these small bags is equal to roughly a full gallon of most other similar products. If there are adverse drilling conditions, single-dose bags of the other QUAD POWER polymer drilling products can be added as necessary. When added to POWER-BASE fluids, generally only one to two bags are required.


QUAD POWER polymer drilling products or any polymer products alone should never replace bentonite based drilling fluids for larger diameter, longer bore shots, or exceptionally challenging and higher risk projects.


►► Bags are sized perfectly to match the dose needed for a 500-gallon mix tank – no half-emptied containers

►► Bio-green detergent can be used in environmentally sensitive areas and is Directive 50 compliant

►► Can also be used to clean equipment and wet-down dusty sites

►► Has tolerance to salt-water intrusion and can be used to drill in areas where road-salt contaminates the soil

►► Non-foaming formula, even with high dosages

►► Takes up a lot less space on a jobsite or on a shelf

►► Unique chemistry both acts to inhibit clay as well as functioning as one of the best wetting agents available

►► Very concentrated surfactant produces terrific wetting of clays and soils with very low dosage


CETCO provides high-performing products worldwide across a broad range of construction projects, including bentonite-based waterproofing for underground structures and drilling applications including foundation, slurry wall, tunneling, water well, and horizontal drilling. It also provides industry leading environmental solutions for containment and remediation of pollutants, including groundwater treatment, solidification and stabilization, and sediment remediation for commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction. CETCO is the world-leading supplier of state-of-the-art Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) technologies, like its Resistex® line, for industrial, hazardous and municipal solid waste landfills, mining sites, and for containment of challenging residues such as coal ash from coal-fired electrical generation and red mud from alumina processing.

Cetco Drilling Products is a division of CETCO, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc. Offering a wide assortment of high quality bentonite drilling fluids, grouts, sealants, polymers, and additives, CETCO can help maximize your drilling efficiency and meet your needs in the field. Our complete line of professional products are specially designed to enhance the cost-effectiveness of drilling operations by controlling and improving drilling fluid properties. Each and every drilling product is supported by our experienced team of field engineers and research

CETCO is committed to bringing you innovative, costeffective products that go beyond merely meeting your needs for all drilling related markets. We are dedicated to providing our customers the newest solutions in drilling product technology.

DISCLAIMER: If ordering less than a pallet, call for availability 918-895-6759. (Standard Pallet size is 48 count per pallet, with some exceptions.)

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